Traditional Chanderi cotton silk saree – White with silver border

8,000.00 6,800.00

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Product Specification:

Body Pattern – traditional chanderi
Length – 6.30 with running contrast blouse piece
width – 48″
Material – Cotton X silk
Color- white with silve border
Motif – traditional looking floral motif
Crafted by- Traditional craftsmen
Region of origination: Rajasthan, India

Product Description :

These Saree are traditionally weaved by the traditional handloom style. These patterns are unique and very rarely found. This Chanderi cotton silk is of premium quality. This set of chanderi cotton silk collection is referred to as traditional because they are very much inspired by how chanderi cotton silk sarees were originally made. They come in traditional colors and look exceedingly elegant because of their design. These sarees are perfect for traditional occasions but can also be worn when you want to.

Weave factor:

Imitation fashion is on the rise, this takes away the light from the true artist. We go to extended lengths to only have traditional craftsmen on board, the craftsmen and artist who create sarees the traditional way. This traditional method of creation also helps the environment since the process is completely nature-friendly. These sarees are handwoven by traditional craftsmen, which is why they are selectively available and only incorporate traditional designs.

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