Sandal Wood Red, Chandan Red – Plant


Product Description :
Sandalwood (Santalum collection) is the evergreen tree wellspring of world-acclaimed Indian sandalwood oil, which is widely utilized in the perfumery business. Both wood and oil are utilized in aromas and in medication. Sandalwood is reasonable for making icons and boxes of dazzling magnificence. Red Sandalwood is a type of Pterocarpus local to India. A significant segment of the sandalwood oil is delivered by steam refining of the pounded heartwood and root. The yield of oil fluctuates from 1.5-2.0 percent. The oval leaves are dainty, oppositely organized. Smooth surface is sparkly and splendid green, with a glaucous pale underside.

Eco-Factor :
Red Sandalwood is a rare species of Sandal found in India. It has dark red wood. This Red timber is used for carvings, furniture and other wooden articles.