Indian Sweet Lime, Mausammi (Grafted) – Plant


Product Description :
Sweet lime is a tree of the class citrus otherwise called Sweet lemon. Sweet lime develops as a perpetual evergreen plant with vivacious thistles. It can develop in the tropical, subtropical or Mediterranean atmosphere. Mosambi has a place with the Rutaceae family. The flavor of Mosambi is somewhat tart to very sweet when ready.  The branches are smooth and bear various thistles. It bears fragrant white flowers and the unripe green fruits turn to yellow on maturing. The fruits grow just on the tree and once they are picked they don’t ripen further. Consequently, just ready fruits ought to be purchased.

Eco-Factor :
Sweet Limes is a versatile fruit that can be sliced and served as a garnish alongside main dishes, desserts, and appetizers, or you can have them raw as a snack. The limes can be juiced for use in dressings, marinades, and sauces, or mixed into flavored water, cocktails, limeade, and fruit juices.