Arborvitae – Plant


Product Description :

Thuja occidentalis, regularly known as Arborvitae, is a thick, cone-shaped to limit pyramidal (now and then developing to wide pyramidal), frequently single-trunked, evergreen tree that is popular and found all over the world. The oriental, arborvitae (T. Orientalis), a popular ornamental native to Asia, is a gracefully symmetrical shrub about 10 meters (33 feet) tall. Some authorities have assigned it to a separate genus (Biota) because of distinctions such as its erect branches, vertically arranged, fanlike branchlet systems, and six to eight hook-tipped cone scales.

Eco-Factor :
The most special fact about Arbovitae trees is that they are medicinal but at the same time used in major projects for adornment and landscaping purposes.