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ganesha idols

Clay ganesha with color

Peshwai Ganesh Idol 6 Inches
BalGanesh Shankar Swaroop 24 Inch Eco Ganesha with Pooja Box

river clay Ganesha

Eco-friendly-idolsRiver Clay Ganesha 18 Inches
River Clay ganesha - 12 inches

paper Mache ganesha

Ganesha Idol Titwala paper mache ganesha - 9 inch
Ganesha Idol Right Mandi Paper Mache - 18 inch
Ganesha Idol ( Asan Mandi Churang paper mache ) - 24 inches
Ganesha Idol ( Bal Ganesha paper mache ) - 9 inches
Ganesha Idol ( Raja Ashan paper mache ) - 18 inches
Ganesha Idol ( Asan Mandi Ujwa Paper mache ganesha ) - 18 inches

Terracota Red Clay Ganesha

Terracotta Red Clay - 10 inches
Terracotta Red Clay - 12 inches

Eco- Friendly

EcoHindu endearingly ventures to minimize the damage to Earth on commercial level by promoting Eco- friendly products

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EcoHindu believes in embracing the sanctity and aesthetic values that prevail in Hinduism by providing broad range of traditional products.


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